11 Last Minute Bookish Gift Ideas That Aren’t Books

With the holidays coming up, I felt this was the perfect time to talk about one of my favorite things: gifts! 

I absolutely love giving gifts. It’s definitely my love language. There’s no better way I can think to show someone I care about them than by giving them a carefully thought out, beautifully wrapped present! If I had the money, I would give my loved ones gifts all the time, but alas. 

In lieu of a book review this week (my semester just finished and now I’ve got a month to catch up on my ever-growing TBR) I wanted to talk about some last minute gift ideas for the book-lovers in your life! The go-to for bookworm gifts might be more books but trust me, some of us don’t have the room–or the space in our TBR–for more physical copies. If that’s the case, check out these eleven bookish gift ideas this holiday season!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post; everything listed below are items found online/in store at various retailers. However, I would love to talk about your bookish products! Please see the Contact Me tab to get in touch about sponsored posts.

Book Things

1. Book Light

The ultimate bookish gift, IMO. I had a clip on book light when I lived in Maryland last summer and have since lost it, but man that thing was a game changer

This particular clip-on light can be found at Barnes and Noble. 

2. Handmade Bookmarks

Etsy has so many cute, custom gifts to order–and you’re supporting a small artist by shopping there! I was never a Harry Potter kid, but these bookmarks are adorable. 

You can also make your own bookmarks to give! There are tons of tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest, so you can customize them to match your book-lover’s favorite reads!

These bookmarks can be found on Etsy. 

3. Notebooks and Journals

Chances are, if a person loves books, they love writing too. Journals are always a good gift idea! Let your book-lovers journal their daily thoughts, scribble poetry, bullet-journal their schedules (or that long TBR), or draft a story of their own!

I personally love the Moleskine brand (available at Barnes and Noble and Target, to name a few). They’re durable, lightweight, and fit right inside my purse. You really can never have too many places to scribble your thoughts!

4. Book-shaped decorative items, like this jewelry box

I adore book shaped decorations. This jewelry box, found on Amazon, is hand carved and absolutely gorgeous. The perfect accent for a table or dresser!


5. Bookish Scarves

There’s nothing better than being warm and cozy with a good book, and what better way to get there than with a bookish scarf? Etsy has a ton of cute, book-inspired scarves available, but I’ve also seen some at Barnes and Noble and smaller indie bookstores as well!

6.  Bibliophile T Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? This unisex tee on Barnes and Noble’s website is adorable–I absolutely love the octopus. This is just one example of many bookish t-shirts available online and in stores! Check your local bookstores to see what designs they have available. 

7. Bookish Socks

This seller on Amazon has a ton of cute socks with different bookish patterns, including Star Wars themed prints, library checkout sheet prints, censored book prints, and my personal favorite, Edgar Allan Poe socks. Nothing says a cozy winter snow day like a good book and your favorite gothic author’s face on your socks!

 8. Tote bags

Canvas tote bags are the best. Full stop. Need a cute accessory to hold your wallet but don’t want to carry your big purse? Canvas tote. Want to reduce your plastic use while shopping? Canvas tote. Don’t have enough arms to carry all your books? Canvas. Tote. 

These are two of my favorite prints from Barnes and Noble, “My Weekend is All Booked” (ha, get it?) and “Yeah, She Reads” but seriously, you cannot go wrong with giving a canvas tote as a gift. They’re universally stylish and practical, come on!


9. Mugs!

What’s better than sitting on the couch with your cozy bookish socks with a good book? Sitting on the couch with your cozy bookish socks with a good book and a hot beverage in your super cute “Fuck off, I’m reading” mug. I mean come on, this is adorable. I might just buy this for myself, honestly. 

This particular mug–and others like it–can be found on Etsy

10. Bookish Tea Cozy

A bookish tea cozy like this one on Etsy is a great gift idea for all your tea (or coffee) loving bookworms! It’ll fit right in with their tote full of books on the go 😉

11. Novel Teas

This was a suggested purchase on Amazon (why, I’m not quite sure since I don’t drink tea…) But regardless, I am in love with this idea and I’ll definitely be snagging this gift for a few people on my list next year! Each box contains 25 tea bags with their own literary tags. Start your morning with some tea and the classics before taking on the day! 

Honestly, Etsy is my favorite place to shop for unique gifts and I totally recommend them for your holiday shopping! When you can’t wait for shipping, though, Amazon Prime is a godsend. Or, even better than giving more money to Amazon, you can visit your local bookstores–Barnes and Noble and indie shops!–and see what treasure troves they’ve got! When in doubt, shop local and shop small!

What are you giving your bookish friends and family for the holidays?


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