Review: STAR OF THE EAST: A Lady Emily Christmas Story

Hello hello! Today I’m coming at you with a quick review for a quick read: Lady Emily 9.5 STAR OF THE EAST. This is the second Lady Emily novella and the first in author Tasha Alexander’s Christmas stories. 

This story finds Emily, Colin, and their three boys at the home of Emily’s parents, who are hosting the family of Ala Kapur Singh, a Punjabi maharaja who is on his way to visit the Queen. Lady Catherine Bromley, always one to jump at the chance to impress, hosts the maharaja and his family just days before Christmas. 

But things are not all Christmas cheer, as the maharaja’s daughter, Sunita’s priceless jewelry goes missing. One piece is found among Emily’s belongings, launching the Hargreaveses into an investigation. The mystery brings us a cameo from the beloved Sebastian Capet, infamous thief and one of Emily’s best admirers (second to Colin and Jeremy, of course). 

This was a cute, fun read with a sweet ending where everyone is left satisfied—except, of course, Lady Bromley, who is never satisfied. Her constant nagging and bullying of Emily were my least favorite parts of this otherwise wholesome story. I rated it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and will definitely be rereading this around the holidays! 


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