20 Things I’m Grateful For in 2020

Happy Wednesday, and happy Thanksgiving-Eve!

As I said last week, I love this holiday because I love eating. I’m so looking forward to all the turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow—my mouth is already watering just thinking about it!

Today, though, I want to take some time to think about gratitude.

2020 has been such a hard year for so many of us. Thousands of people have been laid off, have fallen ill, have died or lost loved ones… in difficult times like this, it’s important to take a step back and think of all the things you still have to be grateful for. Letting yourself get swallowed by despair just isn’t helpful, and you owe it to yourself to grant yourself a little happiness.

Here are 20 things I’m grateful for this year:

  1. I’m grateful for my health, even if it’s not as great as I’d like it to be.
  2. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, even if it’s not the Victorian estate I’ve always dreamed of.
  3. I’m grateful for the friends, both near and far, that have stuck by me in one of the most hectic, confusing years of my life.
  4. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way this year.
  5. I’m grateful for my family back in RI who keep me sane and have done an amazing job helping me become the woman I am today.
  6. I’m grateful for my new family here in MD, who look out for me and who have accepted me graciously into their lives.
  7. I’m beyond grateful for my husband, who loves me unconditionally and offers me unending support through all walks of life.
  8. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue working remotely, even after moving out of state, while I got myself settled in.
  9. I’m grateful for the fact that I was still able to graduate with my Masters this summer, despite the pandemic almost throwing a huge wrench in my plans.
  10. I’m grateful for the Lippitt House Museum for working with me on a remote internship this summer to ensure that graduation would still happen.
  11. I’m grateful for all the wedding vendors that were incredibly patient with me this year as I tried to plan a safe wedding, and for all the vendors that have been beyond willing to reschedule with me for our celebration next year.
  12. I’m grateful for every single person who wears a mask and distances like they’re supposed to.
  13. I’m grateful for all the local businesses who have made takeout, delivery, and safe curbside pickup of food and products a breeze this year.
  14. I’m grateful for all the healthcare professionals and scientists working to care for people and end this pandemic, even if people don’t think all this is necessary.
  15. I’m grateful for all the musicians that have done live-streamed concerts this year, because without those shows to look forward to I’m not sure what I would’ve done—especially at the beginning of the pandemic.
  16. I’m grateful for all the protestors and activists out there fighting for a better future; this year has been pivotal for human rights and it brings a tear to my eye every time I think of the work you put in, and I can’t wait to join you at your protests and demonstrations to fight for equality when its safe to gather once again.
  17. I’m grateful for the 77million+ Americans who voted against fascism this year.
  18. I’m grateful for those out in the field working on reporting truth and facts every day.
  19. I’m grateful for my old therapist, whose advice has stuck with me in the past two years since I last saw her and helped me through this hell of a year.
  20. I’m grateful for every hardship I’ve faced this year, because it’s made it so much easier to appreciate the healthy relationships, exciting milestones, and all around positive experiences this year.

What are you grateful for this year?


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