7 Signs You’ve Found A Forever Friend

Hello, hello!

I have been terribly homesick lately in the sense that I miss my friend back in Rhode Island. I miss my family too, of course. And I miss my favorite spots around Providence. But there’s something about missing a friend who’s so far away that really just hits different. So, in honor of her, I wanted to talk about some surefire signs that pop up when you’ve found a forever friend.

My mom has told me since I was young that you’re lucky to make one true friend in this life. You’ll meet lots of acquaintances, you’ll cycle through lots of friends, but one person will come into your life and stick around forever. I’m positive that my friend, Gabby, is that friend to me—and not just because she’s the only person I still talk to regularly that I’m not related to anymore!

Gabby and I met in 5th grade during afterschool band lessons. We got really close in middle school, and we’ve been like sisters ever since. There have been times when we’ve grown apart or stop talking every day—for a while in high school, during college, even now as we navigate the adult world—but I know that when I need her, she’ll be there, and vice versa. We can get together and pick back up like we haven’t missed a beat, and we can sit and talk for hours. It’s happened more than once where I went to her house to drop something off and accidentally sat on her front lawn chatting well into the night.

Everyone deserves a friend like Gabby in their lives. I really don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for her—she’s seen me through some of the toughest times in my life, and I hope I’ve offered the same support to her. Having a friend like her to fall back on is so important, so here are some signs you’ve found yourself a Forever Friend.

1. Conversation comes easily, no matter how much time has passed

There’s really nothing better than picking back up with them after some time apart!

2. You can rely on them for a good vent session when you need it…

Because we all need someone to lean on when we’re upset, angry or annoyed.

3. …but your whole friendship isn’t based on just venting

You can get deep with them—this is what separates them from your acquaintances most of the time.

4. You never have to question if you mean as much to them as they mean to you

You know the love is there and they never make you second guess!

5. They don’t play into your insecurities

This is a friend who hypes you up, who makes you feel good and confident and doesn’t leave you questioning your worth!

6. It’s never a competition with them

Their success is your success! You don’t feel the need to be “better” than them in any way—you can be yourself and they can be themselves and you don’t feel the need to compare yourselves.

7. When Big Things happen—good or bad—they’re one of the first people you want to tell

You know you can always count on them for that stability, so when something big happens and you’re not sure where to turn, you know you can turn to them—either for support, or to celebrate!

Everyone deserves a Forever Friend, and I really do believe that everyone has one out there. I was lucky enough to find mine fifteen years ago, but a Forever Friend can come along at any point in your life.

Share this with your Forever Friend to let them know you love them!


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