8 Of The Best IG Accounts For Home Decor

Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts for home décor! Ricky and I are getting ready to move into our apartment (two weeks from tomorrow! Eek!) and I’m in total decorator mode! We’ve been shopping for furniture since we don’t really have anything besides a bed and some bookshelves (somehow entirely too many bookshelves and not enough to fit my collection at the same time) and I’m already dreaming up different DIY projects to do to make our space a home.

I love interior decorating. I always have; my very first job was as a cashier at Homegoods, and my favorite part of the job was always when someone would ask my opinion on their decorating projects. If I could figure out how to do this for a living, man I would!

A lot of my inspiration comes from the accounts I follow on Instagram, so I thought it was only right to shout these people out! For a lot of them, Instagram is their livelihood (actually living my dream, wow) so check out their pages and give them a follow!

1. @houseandhens

Emily is my favorite décor account, hands down. I found her on Twitter after one of her cleaning timelapse videos went viral. She used her Bissel Crosswave to clean her shower and I was horrified thinking “Why is this woman vacuuming her SHOWER?” I was instantly hooked. When I found her IG, I fell in love with her daily duck videos. Now it’s part of my routine—her stories are one of the only accounts I make it a point to watch every single day!

Emily spends her time decorating, cleaning, playing with ducks, and showing her followers different DIY projects! She’s always so real and honest about her day to day life, while still maintaining a healthy amount of privacy, and I adore the way she runs her account. Also, her and her husband Blake are in the process of building a house which is always a fun process to watch!

2. @my.cozy_corner

I find it really tough to describe Eureka’s home décor style, but I love it. It’s a perfect blend of modern and vintage while still being uniquely hers, and I really love that her touch shines through! It’s so easy for people’s décor to look eerily similar—especially when going for signature styles like farmhouse, glam or boho—but I can tell a picture is Eureka’s without even looking at the name. She also links pieces from all her posts to her website for her followers to shop from! Once I get settled in our new apartment and I can really focus on decorating, I’ll be on that site every day!

3. @wilson.home

Terri’s account is so much closer to my own personal style, I think. She incorporates darker colors than we typically see in a Farmhouse look, and she describes her style in her bio as “A little boho. A little farmhouse.” Her style really speaks to me, and I love the dark accents throughout her home! Also, her patio is adorable! It’s such a cozy looking space to sit outside with family and friends, enjoying some drinks and fresh air. She’s got a tour of it saved to her highlights too!

4. @olivebranchcottage

I found Morgan’s account through Emily, which is shocking to absolutely no one. Wanna know what got me? Corgis. Morgan has a corgi named Winston and every day, she puts up a poll that asks “Will Winston catch his ball today?” 90% of the time I’m wrong, but it’s so much fun to watch. I love corgis—one of my mom’s dogs is a corgi mix and I will 100% be adopting a corgi myself when we’re ready for pets—but I love Morgan’s décor even more! Recently, she painted a wall in her guest bedroom a sparkling emerald green color and I am in love. She also shares DIY décor projects regularly!

5. @thesassybarn

Ashlee is another Instagrammer I found through Emily after a giveaway! I love watching her stories—she shares amazing recipes, DIY projects and more. She lives in Wyoming and shares her Farmhouse journey (her house is from 1949!) as well as her small business on her feed. Her tips and tricks are super helpful, and I love the twine pumpkins she’s got a DIY for saved to her highlights! Super easy to make and perfect for that rustic fall look!

6. @charlotte_annfidler

Charlotte’s account was recommended to me by my sister-in-law forever ago, and I’m so glad she told me about it! She’s got a beautiful home in the English countryside, and uses her account to document the view. She hasn’t posted a ton of interior décor in a while, but her garden is to die for. I love watching her videos that show how quiet and peaceful the area is, and I dream of having a garden like hers one day!

7. @hillhousevintage

I found Paula’s account through Charlotte, actually! She also lives in the English countryside, and her vintage style is incredible. In a world where minimalism seems to be the ideal in interior decorating, I love seeing all the stuff Paula has on display in her home! It’s beautiful, and feminine, and an absolute dream. I also love her fashion posts! I would buy every single dress she posts in a heartbeat if my bank account allowed it.

8. @magnolia

Joanna Gaines is the OG interior decorator in my life. I watched Fixer Upper whenever my parents had it on (I always made fun of them for watching HGTV for fun as a kid but now that I’m an adult… man, I get it). Magnolia is the Gaines’ brand account, but it’s full of design ideas, recipes, and inspiration. I love checking it, even if Magnolia is sometimes out of my budget (but shoutout to Target for their Magnolia collection, again I would buy every piece if my bank account allowed it!)

There you have it! These are my favorite IG accounts for home décor inspiration—or just to marvel at their beautiful houses. Where do you get your design inspo from?


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