Review: THE ADVENTURESS: Lady Emily #10

Happy Monday!

We are chugging along in my Lady Emily mysteries review series, coming in today with my review of the tenth novel, THE ADVENTURESS. Let’s get right to it!

According to Goodreads, I read this book in one day. I know that’s not right; I definitely forgot to add it to my Currently Reading shelf when I actually started, but I do remember that I had a headache shortly after starting it that led to me laying in bed in a darkened room with a hot rag over my left eye while my right eye was feverishly devouring the ebook on my phone. Maybe not the best idea when you’ve got a headache, but hey, it was worth it. At most, it took me two days.

I adored this story. I would definitely say it was one of my favorites in the series, giving it a solid 5 out of 5 stars. The mystery was fun, albeit a little frustrating and somewhat predictible at times. I guessed the motive for murder within the first 50 pages, but the murderer themselves took me by surprise! 

Fair warning that this review contains spoilers.

The last Lady Emily novella, STAR OF THE EAST, ends with Emily receiving a letter from one of her dearest friends, Jeremy Sheffeild, the Duke of Bainbridge and self-proclaimed “Most Useless Man in England,” saying that he has fallen in love and is engaged. When I read that ending, I literally danced around my room I was so excited. Jeremy is very clearly in love with Emily, and she can’t see it. To know that he found happiness with another woman just warmed my heart so much–I was so excited. 

THE ADVENTURESS picks up a few months after the novella leaves off. It is springtime, and Colin and Emily, along with their friends Cecile and Margaret, join Jeremy and his betrothed, Amity Wells, in the south of France for their engagement celebrations leading to the wedding. The book starts off with a bang as a body has been found in the Duke’s room, and Emily fears that Jeremy has perished. 

Thankfully he did not, because if anything happens to Jeremy I may have to stop reading the books. (Let’s be real, I’ll never stop reading these books, but man will it hurt). 

Another friend of Jeremy’s has died in the Duke’s room by an apparent suicide. Emily doesn’t believe it and immediately suspects murder, and she’s absolutely right to. The rest of the book takes us through the pre-wedding festivities, as Emily tries to form a relationship with Amity who seems to loathe Emily. Everything Emily does is scrutinized, and a series of strange mishaps occur that make Emily look like a jealous, vapid liar. Some chapters were incredibly difficult to read because they were just so frustrating

The whole time, Emily suspects something is amiss. She cannot shake the idea that their friend was suicidal, and begins building her case that he was, in fact, murdered. 

The whole time, I thought it was Jeremy’s brother who poisoned Jeremy’s whiskey. The cutaway chapters followed Amity and her friends Christable Peabody (a nod to the Amelia Peabody series written by Elizabeth Peters) and Jack–Jeremy’s Brother–and their adventures in India and Egypt leading up to Amity’s engagement to Jeremy and the subsequent party we witness through Emily’s perspective. Jack spends a lot of time pondering his feelings for Amity and Christable, fancying that he’s in love with them both. He seems almost hurt by Amity’s interest in Jeremy, and so I figured he was the murderer. Amity is looking to catch a duke, and with his brother out of the way, Jack would inherit the title. 

This was not the case, and I’m glad because it would’ve been a little too out of character for Jack, a man who joined the army to avoid the dukedom. I will not say outright here who the murderer was, but I will say that my guess on the motive wasn’t far off at all. 

I absolutely loved this book. The mix of emotions throughout–the frustration with Amity and her family, the suspense as Emily tries to solve the mystery, the mixed feelings you have for Jeremy and his happiness–it was a wild ride that I thoroughly enjoyed. The ending was satisfying and as always, the setting was absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t already, go read this series!


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